East Africa

This is probably the most famous, and most visited, corner of the world when it comes to viewing wildlife The dramas of the vast grassy plains of the Maasai Mara and Serengeti respectively are played out on television screens the world over and attract increasing numbers of tourists wanting their own Lion King experience. ┬áThe beauty of photographing in that environment is that every day a different story plays out in front of you – nothing is ever the same and if the nuance of what is happening is part of the attraction of being there as it is for me, then there is quite possibly nowhere better or in some respects easier for wildlife photography.┬áThat does mean the challenge of finding something different is greater but that’s what being a professional in this game is all about. That and finding the less visited corners and some of the more unusual species too: for me East Africa encompasses the mountains of Ethiopia and the rainforests of Uganda as much as the grasslands teeming with predator and prey.