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This Spring, for the first time in well over a decade now, I have focussed all my photographic efforts locally.  In some respects it has been a trip down memory lane and one such journey took me to a small patch of local woodland where I remembered finding a small display of wood anemones a good dozen or so years ago.  I headed out out more in hope than expectation  and was delighted to find not only were they there in their obscure location, but had clearly thrived as there were considerably more than I recalled.  They still had a few more days of growth left in them so I returned again a week later, with the light also as I wanted it (predominantly bright, overcast with early evening tones) and enjoyed an absorbing session.  It was a great reminder that left alone, in many respects nature is more reliable than anything else we bring to the party and clearly it can thrive without our input or interference too.

A bit about me...

I’ve been a professional wildlife photographer from my home base in Shropshire, UK, for the last 20 or so years now and still consider it the best job in the world having turned what was my hobby into my job at that point in life. This 2021 update of my personal website was only possible through the time that the pandemic created for me and it’s been good to get a bigger percentage of my work all together in one place at last: now to get stuck into the massive back catalogue and keep it going!

Holidays and Workshops

Natures Images is one of the largest wildlife photography tour operators in Europe and I have co-owned and run this business since it started back in 2008. We have a full and varied programme of short breaks, longer holidays and one-day workshops across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, and you can find more details about both of them here.

Galleries and Prints

It’s been a privilege to work photographically in as much of the world as I have been able to,  and the galleries on this website are a small selection of some of my favourite images that I have taken throughout this journey.

There are an array of different collections of images behind each of these sample images so do take time to browse and hopefully enjoy.

All the images are available as limited edition prints as well. 

Latest News

I enjoy writing about my photography and have done so for many years for an array of publications including Practical Photography, Outdoor Photography, Photography Monthly and am a regular contributor to Wild Planet Photo Magazine. I also enjoy sharing images, thoughts and experiences on here too, and now that I have finally updated this site after many years of being needed, will be looking to do so regularly again so do check in to see the latest news and stories, the most recent of which you will find below.

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Lockdown swans

Over the years, and in spite of being away so much of the time (up until the last 11 months that is), my local family of Mute Swans who inhabit the two small

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Talks and events

Like most photographers, I love sharing my work, talking about my travels and photography as well as passing on some of my experience too.  I have an array of audio visual presentations for camera clubs natural history or RSPB  group meetings, and online webinar or conference events. Details of my up and coming schedule as well as the presentations themselves can be found here.

I work with and for an array of different organisations in terms of guiding, marketing my images and writing features including the following key affiliates…