Holidays and Workshops

I have been involved in running wildlife photography workshops and holidays for the last 15 or so years now, and since 2008 all of that has been focussed on the leading UK based operator in this arena, Natures Images which I co-own and run with fellow wildlife pro shooter Danny Green.

The underlying ethos of our business is not only to offer an exciting programme of short breaks and longer trips designed to get you to some of the best places in the world for wildlife photography experiences and opportunities at the best time of the year for behaviour and photography, but do so in a way that allows us to share our enthusiasm for the world of nature we are fortunate enough to work in.  That all seems even more pertinent given the pandemic right now too!

I can only give you a flavour of what the business is about on here and what I specifically will be looking to run and be involved in in the months ahead on here, so do visit the Natures Images website for all that we have to offer.

You will find details of the the specific holidays and workshops that I have scheduled ahead by following the links below.  They are though just a small percentage of what Natures Images has to offer overall so do also click on the logo further below to visit their separate website.  All bookings are made through them too and this video will give you a good feel for what the tips and places we visit are all about.

Please feel free to contact me or call me in the office on 01952 411436 if there are any questions you may have about any of these trips or workshops too. I take a huge amount of personal satisfaction in seeing people enjoying their photography when it is being done in the right way as far as the subjects and environment is concerned, and also to achieve the best results and learning experiences they can have too. It would be great to have you join me or the rest of the team in the future if you can.  

Do follow the links below to find more holiday and workshop details of those I am involved in.